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An adorable book that addresses a very important skill

A great book for children, although adults might learn something as well! So much time and effort is spent teaching the “three R’s,” while the really important skills like coping with stress and anxiety are pretty much neglected. This book is a fun way to empower kids. Thanks Ms. Pertierra for this valuable contribution to children’s books.

— Michelle Matusoff, Psychologist, Huntington Beach, CA

Wonderful Book

Don’t walk, run to buy this book, it’s so colorful and beautiful and the message behind is awesome! The pictures are so colorful, vibrant and so cute……This would make an awesome Easter present in your little ones Easter Basket…

— Betty, Grandma/Mom

Highly Recommended – A MUST READ FOR ALL AGES!

Your book could not have arrived at a better time. I read it immediately and absolutely loved it. It is a wonderful story and the illustrations are beautiful, but the message and the lesson that it teaches are truly inspirational. I was trying to deal with something that had me very upset. The book helped me to remember to calm down, focus and decide how I was going to deal with the issue. I think that your book will help people of all ages and not just children. This book is certainly a success… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

— Mark, Los Angeles, Ca

Choices are Always good…

“A fellow Yogi mom…I am always trying to find books that will inspire my children to see that everything is a choice in how we see/perceive life’s situations and give them real, proactive tools to help them actually RELEASE any negative emotions out of their bodies…which is exactly what THIS book does..Ebilina is so sweet and adorable in her journey with Zola and Keanu! Can’t wait for additional books to see what Ebilina will teach us next!”

—Theresa, Yogi mom/Holistic Nutritionist, San Diego, CA

Very Educational!

“Great book for the classroom! I love to read this book in the morning before we begin schoolwork..helps to clear their minds so they absorb and retain information to the MAX!”

— Shelby, Elementary Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

Great for Kids on the Spectrum!

“I work mostly with kids on the Spectrum. This book, however, is amazing for all kids but specifically with Autistic/Asperger’s children. It is extremely helpful with assisting them to calm and “reset” their brains so they can remove themselves from a situation that normally their brains would get stuck on and not be able to move on to something else. The kids love the bright, happy illustrations and can’t wait to see what Ebilina and Keanu will be up to in the next book!

— Jaime, Behavioral Therapist