The Book Series

A world of adventure awaits for Ebilina and Friends, the coolest new series in the wilderness!

Ebilina the Elephant is about to set off on the greatest adventure of her whole life… a walk all by herself to her friend Keanu the Koala Bear’s house. Follow Ebilina on her first journey alone…and watch as she grows stronger and even braver along the way!

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Helping your child to grow in a fun, engaging, and proactive way.

Your child will learn great skills and you will grow together reading the Ebilina series through:

  • • Tools to build emotional intelligence, decision making, and other social skills, with each series building upon the lessons of the first.
  • • Practical and proactive steps to assist in healthy recovery for children coping with emotional unease.
  • • Guidance in healthful, pre-emptive stress release methods that will help children avoid mental, emotional, and physical health issues all too common in today’s children.
  • • A fun way for parents and children to identify fears and triggers, while working to find methods for allowing children to achieve optimal wellness.

The Ebilina and Friends series will:

  • • Teach children how to “quiet their minds”
  • • Promote better sleeping habits through stress relief
  • • Help children retain information taught in school… and the rest of life.
  • • Assist in daily social interactions